Vaccine questions?

• Second dose of vaccine after (1-2-3 principle):
– 1 month: Covaxin, Sputnik V
– 2 month: Covishield
– 3 month: Covid infection (after the infection)
• Protective antibodies develop two weeks after two doses of the vaccine, booster after 6 months
• Who should be careful about taking the vaccine: Any person with h/o of anaphylaxis, cancer chemo patients, transplantation, immunological conditions, pregnant/breast-feeding women (hypothesis: natural protection)

Medical questions?

• Prevent mucormycosis: Keep nose, mouth and airway clean, Betadine gargles
• Cardiac arrest after discharge: Covid-19 vigilance for 3 months. Covid-19 virus replicates only for the first 10 days, all effects after that are the body’s immune responses, stay alert and vigilant
• For diabetics tight sugar control is important
• For asthma patients: Breathing exercises, get vaccinated
• Ivermectin: No role, it is analogous to the hydroxychloroquine situation

Covid-19 appropriate behavior?

• Regarding air conditioning: Problem is with air recirculation, use open ventilation or HEPA ventilation
• Double mask (cloth mask with a surgical mask below, more protective effect than vaccines!) and distancing
• Estrogen in women is protective, thymus in children (up to 10 years) clears virus – multi-system infection (IV immunoglobin)
• Eat food on time, and chew slowly and fully, exercise, sleep for 7-8 hours, don’t take stress or give stress, 2 hours of digital detox daily (stay away from digital media)
• Don’t be reckless or stupid

What about the future?

• Third wave expected to hit <30 yrs of age, complete Covid-19 immunization in children (Hong Kong is in the 3rd wave currently, some countries have gone into 4th wave)
• How long for Covid-19 to go away: We can ease up and go outside of a corona-appropriate environment by April 2022 provided we are able to saturate the population with vaccines. But the virus will continue to be there after that and we cannot “unmask” before April 2024


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